Sharpening page

Koivu Knives – profecional Knife Sharpening Service.

With 100% satisfaction guaranteed we hand sharpen a wide range of Stainless and Carbon steel kitchen knives.

Restore your dull and damaged kitchen knives.

To keep it simple, we have a fixed rate of £1 per inch of blade sharpened – Our minimum order of £20.

Booking in your knives:

Simply email with the combined blade lengths that your order will equate to. Please also let us know if you wish to arrange for drop off & collection, or if you will be sending your knives by post. we will invoice you and invoiced you can start making preparations to to send your knives in.

To ensure everyones safety during transit, it is important that knives and sharp objects are appropriately packaged. Each blade will need to be individually secured in sturdy cardboard that is held in place with tape. Ensure that knives are then padded with bubble wrap or an old towel and again taped to ensure the padding will securely hold them together. Finally, put the entire package into a jiffy bag or box and make sure its securely fastened. if sending by Royal Mail It is also a legal requirement that your pastel contains the senders name and a return address and you request for age verification apone delivery.

You can Click here for the full details on the legal specification for sending your Kitchen knives using Royal Mail service.

Your knives will be professionally packaged and returned to you using Royal Mail signed for delivery service.

Once your receive your knives, please be aware that all blades will be sharpen and honed to a finish that can be far superior to ‘machine sharpened’ knives. It is particularly important that you are mindful of this while unpacking and handling you’re knives.

If you have any severely damaged blades that you wish to restore please mention during your initial email as making such drastic changes can often change the profile of a knife and alter its overall feel and function.

we hope to hear from you soon!

Based in North East London ‘Walthamstow – E17’ This Knife sharpening service is provided by professional kitchen knife maker ‘Ben Blackwell’.