Kitchen Knife Courses

Be part of Your knifes story as you design and create your own One-Of-A-Kind kitchen knife.

My names Ben and I have a strong passion for crafting knives and assisting others to create and make. It’s a huge sense of achievement in spending the time and pushing yourself to craft a highly functional object such as a knife. I remember just how empowering it was to create my first knives and this courses is all about providing others with that same unique experience.

I have spent many years facilitating practical tasks and believe that a fun, informal and supportive approach to learning helps people get the most out of their experience. I keep my class numbers small, this makes the experience more intimate and allows individuals more supports in achieving their best outcome.

If you’re looking for a different birthday gift or experience, this is it. I will treasure my knife for years to come.”

If your interested in what others have had to say about their experience on this course then you can find their reviews here.

Course costs and reserving a place.

The price for this course is set at £350 per person, all those taking part in must be 18 years of age or older.

If you’re planning on booking as a gift, then you can purchase a gift voucher for the same price as the course. Once Individuals that have received gift vouchers can then select a course date from the available list at their own convenience. You can find a little more detail on those gift certificates and accompanying gifts here.

If you’re interested in booking in on a course or reserving a gift voucher then please email where I can assist you with making your purchases through direct bank transfer.

Available course dates for 2021.

11th-12th September (Sold out)

18th-19th September (Sold out)

2nd-3rd October (Sold out)

9th – 10th October (Sold out)

30th-31st October (Sold out)

13th-14th November (Sold out)

20th-21st November (Sold out)

4th-5th December (Sold out)

11th-12th December (Sold out)

Available course dates for 2022. TBC OCT 2021

In preporation for the course.

Two weeks prior to the course start date, participants are emailed details to help them plan their projects. I would aptly recommend holding out until the two week mark but for those of you that are eager to start this process early, or if you just want a sneak peak before committing to the course, you can find that information here.

To get an idea the sort of projects others undertake and what’s achievable, you can check out some of the past participants through the Koivu Knives Instagram and Facebook pages.

What to expect from this course.

It’s not necessary to have any previous knowledge or specific skill for this course. For most, it s often the first time getting to know the tools, equipment and processes involved with metal and woodwork. Every detail of the course have been carefully thought through to give individuals the best chance of understanding the process at every stage and coming away with a kitchen knife to be proud of. The type of steel used in this course is known as 80crv2, it is a high carbon steel designed specifically for bladed tools. I have tested a wide range of different steels for beginner knife makers and have found that this one performs well time and time again. It makes great knives and produces great results for beginners allowing us scope for participants to produce kitchen knives with a professional weight and final balance.

Please note that while some aspects of the course may require the use of our gas forge and or welder, this two-day course does not provide an introduction into forging metal or welding.

DAY ONE – Your design, choosing materials and near completion of your blade.

9am – aprox 5pm

The course begins with a focus on knife design principles, this is the time when you will be guided through the process of completing your own design and producing a finalised blueprint for your knife. We will discuss the subtleties of your design and how they may effect its overall character, function and feel of your knife. soon we will select the specific materials that you would like to incorporate into our knife handles. A selection of wood, brass, copper, leather and bone materials are all available to chose from. Adding combination allows infinite customisation and ensures that everyone comes away with something truly one of a kind. It is sometimes possible to include something personal into the handle of your knife, many materials can be used but its best to double check that it will be appropriate before the course starts. Starting with a billet of 80crv2 carbon steel, your design is now transferred over and rough cut its shape. Throughout the day you will become familiar with the custom knife grinding machines as you work towards achieving the correct profile for your blade and work on streamlining its thickness. By the afternoon we will turn our attention to heat treating your finished blade, this facinating process involves extreme heat and is where you will transform your previously soft steel into its final hardened state.

DAY TWO – Final touches on blade, machining and assembling aditioanl components, shaping the handle and learning to sharpen like a pro.

9am – aprox 5pm

The second day begins with adding some final stages to your blade before you then turn your attention to your handle. Having earlier selected each handle component your will now use a range of tools, machines and techniques to prepare each piece before assembly. After stopping for a bite to eat, you will begin the satisfying process of shaping your handle, bringing all of the components together and revealing all those hidden details. Most people regard this as the most satisfying part of the course as all of your hard work start to takes shape and your efforts now quickly starts to resemble your final knife. Once the handle has been finished, polished and oiled, It’s now time to learn how to hand sharpen your knife on japanese Waterstones. its hear that you will start to develop the skill that will ensure you can keep your knives professionally Sharp. The technique taught is very transferable and can later be used to sharpen almost any kitchen knife.

If you are interested in purchase one of the knife sharpening kits that we use of this course then you can find out a little more information about them here.

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Ben has exactly the right balance of helping and letting you do things by yourself. This was the best short course I’ve ever done.”

What is provided and what to bring

During the course, you will be provided with all the required personal protective equipment. Please however ensure that you wear closed-toe footwear and old clothes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Please avoid wearing highly flammable items of clothing.

Where we are and how to get here

Unless individually stated otherwise, all courses are run from our knife making studio at: Wyn Works Studios, 95a Lynmouth Road, Walthamstow, London – E17 8AG.

The closest stations to us are St James Street (overground), then Walthamstow Central & Blackhorse late on the (Victoria line), all are within walking distance.

For those that wish to drive, our studio is based on a residential street with unrestricted parking on both Saturdays and Sundays. London congestion charge does not apply.

“Would thoroughly recommend this course! Ben is an expert craftsman who worked closely with my friend and I to design and craft beautiful workable kitchen knives.”